Get Me To Write Your Wedding Speech For You

Well, hello again! I guess you are here to see how much it costs to get personal assistance with a wedding speech. I think it is pretty inexpensive and excellent value but, of course, I wouldn’t think anything else.

Normally my fee for a five-minute speech would start at $1000 but because you will be doing a lot of the work, the price for an original wedding speech is $180 (including GST).

And here’s the best bit – you won’t be charged unless you are totally happy with the final product!  Normally the process involves a couple of emails, then you get a first draft – we do a bit of tweaking and then, voila, the final draft!

Apart from my good self, there’s also Lisa to assist – two keyboards, no waiting and, of course, two heads are better than one…

With any form of professional writing more time is spent thinking, researching and procrastinating than actually tapping away at a keyboard. With you forming a writing ‘partnership’ and supplying us with the raw material, we can knock it over in pretty quick time.

Providing us with the information listed below will assist in getting a feel for both the person you are and who you will be talking about. While traditionally men leave speech preparation until the last minute, at least 48 hours notice would be appreciated to ensure the best possible result.

Payment can be by direct debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).  Direct debit saves on passing on the 1.5% credit card fee that the bank charges me.

For many of you there will be enough free info on this site to make your job easier (the list below might help as well) but if you need assistance, we’re here – and the meter doesn’t start ticking until you are happy to commit – email or phone me for a chat and we can take it from there.

If you do decide to contact us, these are some of the things I would like to know:

Information on the Bride & Groom

  • Their names (and the names most known as)
  • Their ages and occupations
  • Where they live (and where they were born/grew up)
  • Education
  • Hobbies, interests and sports – any particular passion?
  • Involvement with organisations and community groups
  • Likeable but annoying habits
  • Any distinguishing features that aren’t too sensitive (height, baldness)?
  • Any distinguishing traits (tight with money, raucous laugh, always late)?
  • Favourite music, poetry and/or movie
  • A couple of amusing anecdotes about their relationship
  • Their most notable achievements
  • How long have they been together?
  • First or subsequent marriage?
  • Any children (belonging to the couple or from a previous marriage)?
  • Wedding location
  • Religious or Civil ceremony?
  • Afternoon or evening reception?
  • Formal or casual?
  • Names of parents of the couple and brief description
  • Name of bridesmaid(s) and a bit about her (them)
  • Number of guests attending?
  • Anyone attending the wedding who has travelled a long way?

Information About You

Unless you’re actually the Groom, I’ll need the following as well:

  • Your name and age
  • Relationship to the Bride/Groom
  • Your occupation
  • A couple of personal amusing anecdotes

There could be a few more questions for you after we ‘meet’.

Look forward to hearing from you and, if I don’t, best wishes with your speech.