About Me

There are a few things that led to this website:

I’ve been a writer for more than 40 years with credits ranging from the TV comedy Kingswood Country to the radio series How Green Was My Cactus. I’ve written for diverse comedy talents from Graham Kennedy to Bugs Bunny. For pretty much all there is to know about me, go to www.IanHeydon.com.

I’ve been married twice, both times to my lovely wife, Annie. The second ‘marriage’ was a renewal of vows while holidaying in Vanuatu. While we were there Annie was offered a job teaching at Port Vila International School and we extended the Vanuatu stay for three years. When we returned in 2002 I bought a travel agent’s licence and set up Small Guide Travel to specialise in travel to Vanuatu and other Pacific destinations, particularly for honeymooners and couples wanting to marry in the tropics. Now, having organised hundreds of weddings, I’ve observed as many as some celebrants.

The Internet itself – having a bunch of travel related websites I understand that geography matters little these days when offering goods or services, so I decided to combine my above experience with a little personal knowledge. I’ve been a Best Man a couple of times, have been a ‘Father-of-the-Bride’ (for my sister) and have a daughter who, I expect, will require this honour as well one day. Not too soon I hope. And he had better be a damn fine catch!

The aim of this website is simply to provide some free suggestions to assist blokes (and ladies) who will be called upon to deliver speeches at a wedding. And, if you would like some personal assistance - you can contact me via email here: ian@weddingwriter.com.au or phone on 0422 395 935.